Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just In Time...

My 32" Ashford Rigid Heddle Weaving Loom arrived yesterday just in time for my birthday on Sat. the 5th.

It was a present to myself. Hubby probably thinks he's off the hook now in buying me a gift. :o) Well, I'd still like a little gift from him.

I've had the stand a couple of weeks now and was just waiting on the loom. And, I've been reading up on rigid heddle weaving like crazy.

Now, I just have to rub lemon oil on the wood and put it all together. And, find a place for it. I've heard from others that it's huge. I hope it's not too big or I'll have a problem finding a spot for it.

Right now, I'm loom knitting Afghan Square #5 from my Yahoo Looming Class. Then, I have 4 others to make to catch-up; I hope. We're joining all 12 (each a different design) at the end of the year making an afghan. I've learned so much since joining. I'll post a pic soon when I finish it. And, I almost have hubby's scarf done to match his stocking hat I loom knitted awhile back.

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