Friday, November 14, 2008

My Version Of The Baby Cocoon

This is my Baby Cocoon creation plus matching hat made for my daughter's first baby due at the end of December '08. Knit on the KK round, yellow loom. Hat was made on the KK round, blue loom. Depending on the size of the baby you might want to use the KK round, red loom instead. These cocoons are often times used as a photo prop for newborns. This one is super soft and drapes wonderfully.

E-wrap CO - e-wrap stitch with a few ending rows of the flat knit stitch (to make the gathering with less bulk), gathered BO. Ending length is about 23".

Yarn used: Patons "Be Mine" #5 in Fuzzy Yellow - 2 skeins (Approx. 95 yds. each)
Bernat "Softee Baby" #3 in Funny Prints - 1 skein (Approx. 333 yds.)
Both yarns held together as one.

6 comments: said...

Did you have a pattern for the baby cocoon, or did you make it up. I would like to make one for a photo prop. I have the KK and have worked with them before. Thanks for showing your ideas.


Scarlett a.k.a. kittyred said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your interest. Yes, it is my pattern. I have no specific pattern info just the basic, general pattern info that I gave.

Lorriehb said...

I want to start my own cocoon but I don't understand what you mean the CO and BO in the instructions.

Your version is beautiful by the way.


Scarlett a.k.a. kittyred said...

Hi Lorriehb,

I believe you are speaking to me so I will answer. CO means to cast on (start your project) your loom and BO means to bind off (take it off the loom). I hope this is helpful to you. And BTW, thanks for the compliment about my cocoon. If you look over my favorite places to visit you will find other helpful sites in regards to loom knitting.

Happy Loom Knitting,

Katie (WildMum) said...

Looks great! Am just looking for ideas now for my baby to be... How'd it go size wise for the new grand child?

kittyred said...

Katie, I'm sorry I missed your post way back when. Thanks...and I don't know. Honestly, I don't think my daughter ever used it so I can't answer that.