Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Picture Frame Earring/Jewelry Holder

I haven't made anything for gosh... has it been several months now? I guess I've been doing other things, but always thinking about something to make.

I'd seen these around the internet others had made and some also for sale at Etsy (I won't be selling them though). I had a fancy picture frame I'd purchased for something else and thought what a pretty thing to make so....

Click on a pic to see more detail!

I'll do a tutorial of sorts at a later date. It will mostly be about what to do and not do - no picture by picture tutorial. This project is kinda self explanatory I think.

I also made the steampunk brooch using a watch's insides, part of an old brooch, a cheap cameo, and a couple of watch wheels/parts. You can see the real rubies in it!

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