Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Made From A Pattern I Wrote

This item is something I hope to be adding to one of my Etsy stores soon in time for the holidays and gift giving.

I loom-knitted this apple/fruit cocoon from a pattern I wrote.

I love it 'cause it will easily fit small, medium AND large apples. It also is great for other fruit as well - pears, oranges, etc. Or, you can add a fake apple to it (as pictured) and give it to a teacher to always sit on her/his desk.

I've also been writing other patterns (for baby booties and other baby items, a small ring basket, etc.) so those items may soon be for sale in my shop as well. I guess I've finally been loom-knitting long enough to be able to take this next step and make items from patterns that I have created and written rather than just following others' patterns.

Besides, I can't sell items made from those patterns of others because of copyright - only my own. So, developing and writing my own patterns is rather exciting to say the least.

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