Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Pearls, Needle & Thread

I saw this idea of sewing pearls into the center of a silk poinsettia to use as a hair accessory and wanted to give it a try.

I cut the plastic center out piece by piece and just used a thin needle and thread to sew the pearls on. Then, I hot glued the silk leaf circle to the underside of the flower, trimmed a bit of the plastic away that pops it onto the stem and hot glued it to a small, metal hair comb I bought at Hobby Lobby. I thought it turned out rather pretty and not cheap looking at all even though I bought the poinsettia bush at Dollar Tree.

Now, all I need is a Christmas party to go to, a fancy dress to wear and I'm set - Well, a girl can dream...Ya think I can pull it off just wearing it to the mall with hubby to look at all the Christmas decorations instead? If both women and men can wear a Santa's Hat shopping, I think

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