Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Bit Of Sewing & Chatting

I did some sewing this weekend - simple projects for us and for one of my shops. It was a good way to get myself familiar with my new sewing machine. Learning how to thread the machine and the bobbin (and remembering it) are always a pain until you get it right. If it's not just right the machine won't work.

Some Gator Neck and Head Warmers (one for me and two for hubby's B-day) The pattern is here. The football print and winter print are a bit smaller and are for the head.

And, some cute tissue cozies - A new pattern for me that I reworked. I used some REALLY cute fabric inside and out.

A couple of Valentine tissue cozies...

On another note, I keep forgetting to fed my blog pet Ladybug. She HAS to be fed and watered at least once every 24 hours. One of these days is going to come get her if I don't get on the ball. Then, I'll have to pay to get her back - Seriously...

Our 2 kitties - Twilight Kitty and Angel Blue

I had to start calling Twilight, Twilight Kitty 'cause she knew the word kitty and would respond to that, but not her new name. So, by putting the two together I think she finally gets it that her name is Twilight after 2 months.

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