Tuesday, July 02, 2013

From The Front Door To The Kitchen

I'm in the process of hunting for the original pieces for the Barbie doll house I purchased at eBay.

UPDATE:  In thinking about how I made the table runner I think I'm going to take off the large buttons and sew them underneath each end of the runner where they aren't so noticeable and maybe use a similar small button on the top side like the two on the chair pad.


I was able to score this white table that came with my doll house originally for a great price also at eBay.  The chair, however, did not come with this table or the doll house.  But, for now, I like this solo one I found.  I made the chair pad and table runner.  The tiny buttons on the chair pad enabled me to tie the pad to the chair and the large ones on the runner weigh it down so it will hang properly.

 I only have the table set for one - dessert for one.  The dishes, (and I think silverware) pumpkin pie and the salt and pepper shakers all came with this doll house.  I was lucky to also find them all at a great price.  The pastries I made from a doll house piece (eggs ?) using puffy paint.  I love that paint.  The vase on the table is not the correct one, but the flowers in it are an example of the ones that go in the flower box outside the front picture window.  I did find the original vase for the kitchen table which is amber, but not the flowers that it came with.  With the fabric I used, I like this vase and flowers.

When I figure out how to hang a curtain in the doll house kitchen matching the chair pad and table runner and also get a sink I'll post pics of that room in my doll house finished.  I'd also like to make a clock to hang in it as well.  I saw a cute wall clock made out of a button at Pinterest.  I just realized the other day that the doll house's kitchen didn't come with a sink so I'm trying to find something that might work.


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