Sunday, June 30, 2013

Barbie - The Obsession With Miniatures Continues...

I recently found a great deal on a Barbie doll house on eBay (2005 Barbie - Totally Real House) so I bought it! 

The sounds all still work on it which is really cool - The doorbell rings, the toilet flushes, and the shower sounds like running water.  I like the fact that it's rather plain and basic (rather than all pink and blue and girly with stickers) as I can decorate it more "Mad Men" style if I wish as my reproduction Barbie came out in the 60s.

The only two things I've found wrong with it is a missing towel rack over the toilet which I made another one using a paper clip and the shower curtain rod and curtain are gone.  I'm working on how to fix that.

So far, I've just been working on the front of it.  See the little, red bird sitting to the left on the flower box?  I found him in a lot of  purchased Barbie accessories.  This has been so much fun.  Once I make and add a wreath to the front door that section of the house is done.  I'm in the process of hunting down all of the original furniture and accessories that came with it.  In months to come I'll be adding pics of the inside and what I've done and purchased for it.


AFTER - Excuse the mess around it...But, you can see in the second pic I've been painting a flower accent on some vintage Barbie cookware I found on eBay.

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