Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An Audio Book Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and I really racked in the CD audio books as gifts. Last week to my e-mail came a great deal on audio book sets. Even though they were abridged which I try to avoid, the deal was just too good to pass up. Each set of 3 abridged books cost only $7 so I bought 4 and there was also free shipping after purchasing $25:

Each set has 14-18 hours of listening...

Author: Julie Garwood - Killjoy, Murder List, Slow Burn
Author: Elizabeth Lowell - Tell Me No Lies, A Woman without Lies, Autumn Lover
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton - The Meredith Gentry (book character) Collection
Author: Robert Crais - The Last Detective, The Forgotten Man, The Watchman

Then, my daughter sent me:

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks - Abridged
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - Unabridged

Then, since I told hubby I really didn't need a Kindle (when he suggested one as my gift from him) because I love audio books and never get reg. books read, he took me to Walmart and Barnes & Noble (saying he wasn't trying to copy from my daughter...) so I could pick out MORE audio books. I found:

Women Food And God by Geneen Roth - Unabridged - An Oprah rec.

And... this other book has intrigued me since I heard King in an interview on TV talking about it:
Under The Dome by Stephen King - Unabridged - This audio book alone has over 35 hours of listening...I only rarely like Stephen King, but this book seemed interesting and since it's SO big I KNEW I'd never get through it. It was 40% off which still made it $45.00 total with tax. I just hope I like it!!!.

If any of you have read what I bought and want to give me a book review, please leave me a comment...

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