Friday, July 09, 2010

Sharing A Hair Tip

I'm in the process of growing my hair super long which also means growing out my layers and my bangs. Right now, my length is 28-1/4". How cool would it be if I could double that length in a few years or however long it takes. And...

I want to share a tip I tried today that seemed to work for those of us that around the third day experience some excess oiliness an inch or so into our hair from our scalp that spoils our look and we have no time to wash it. I'd tried this years ago and didn't like the results at all, but this time I used different products and did. For me, this doesn't work if you leave your hair down, but does if you're pulling it back into an updo. I got a lot of static in my hair and just used a bit of water on my hands as I slicked it back into my updo.

1. Baby powder doesn't work as well as pure corn starch.
2. A plain nylon brush doesn't work as well as a bristle boar brush (without nylon bristles mixed in).
3. And, the SECRET weapon is a fluffy, makeup brush that you would use to brush on finishing powder after you apply your foundation.

Divide the hair on the top of your head into sections and powder the oiliness with the corn starch and then brush it out with the BBB. Don't over brush though...Just enough to get the corn starch out. You'll see it on your BBB. I bought mine at Walgreens - Conair brand with a wooden base and a rubber handle.

This is also great to stretch out the days you shampoo a week for healthier hair. And for me, I don't have to always wear a cute, baseball cap on my third day to stretch out my shampoo days.

September - UPDATE: I'm back to washing my hair everyday or no later than every other day. For me, I've discovered that I lose more hair washing it less often when I do wash it vs. washing it everyday and hardly losing any hair in the process.

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