Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh, The Possibilities...

I've been playing around with this Gator Neck Warmer pattern. So far I've made one Gator Neck Warmer, a couple of head/ear warmers, a wrist/arm warmer tube, and now this cowl neck warmer.

Start with a piece of fabric that measures 19" x 40" instead of the 20" x 20". Stitch it like the pattern (note stretch direction) and you get this cowl neck warmer (much more forgiving of your hair style) The neck warmer/scarf this size also has a lot of styling possibilities.

Start with the same 19" x 40" fabric piece and stitch it with the stretch running the opposite direction of the pattern and you have a wrist/arm warmer tube (a long open tube). I made hubby a wrist/arm warmer tube in the football pattern to use while watching TV. His hands always get cold. I need to take a pic of it too I guess. It matches his football pattern head/ear warmer.

I started out with 2 different fleece fabrics - 1/2 yard each - $2.44 for 1/2 yard and each made 2 items. I had NO waste... Not bad...

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