Friday, December 31, 2010

Sally's & Home Depot

Sally's Beauty Supply

I guess I just paid $2.50 for an age compliment.

Last night I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and upon checking out I was asked if I'd like to join their beauty club. After hearing the reduced cost of $2.50 vs. the $5.00 regular membership if one is 55 or older, I said, "Sure, it'll only cost me $2.50. When I got to the car and looked at my receipt, I'd been charged $5.00 instead of the reduced fee of $2.50 for being 55 or older. I let it go as I received a $5 coupon to use in the store at the end of my cash register receipt and will correct them at the end of a year when it expires.

Home Depot

Home Depot was supposed to deliver and install our new dishwasher on the 29th. They delivered it, but then told us they couldn't install it because the water shut-off valve that is just for the dishwasher was not right next to it - on the same level. Ours is just at the bottom of the basement steps which is right off our kitchen. The plumber redid it so it would make it EASIER for them to do the installation compared to what the past owners had done. So, NOW we have to call the plumber back and pay even more money to get the @&^%* thing installed. This "little" project is going to cost a fortune before it's over. The dishwasher was only $300. It's not like there was never one there - there was. The guy from Home Depot said where we have the shut-off valve isn't wrong it's just against their policy on what is required for them to install the dishwasher. I told him then I bet nearly all the installations that are scheduled for them never happen, and he said it was about 50/50. I bet it's higher than that. Home Depot hires another company to do their installations with Home Depot regulations/rules. Another crappy thing which is mostly why we had to have the plumber come to the house in the first place is that Home Depot will cart away your old dishwasher free if and only if it's already unhooked and taken out.

In hindsight, I should have just had the dishwasher delivered and had the plumber out once to do ALL the work. This will be the third time he's been here for this project.

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