Friday, July 01, 2011

SHE'S HERE! My Girl is here...

She made it all the way here from Japan in only 3 days.

Of course I guess she should with shipping costing $31.00. I know...yikes. And, I had to sign for her (I was never notified about that!) which luckily worked out when normally I wouldn't even have seen or heard the mailman. It was just pure luck or I would have probably had to wait until Monday or Tuesday to go pick her up at the post office.

Apparently, one HAS to take pics of the delivery and unwrapping/unpacking of the doll especially if it's your first one. But, I doubt I'll ever get another Blythe since they aren't exactly cheap. But, I'm sure I'll want one... So anyway, I documented the event in pics (without asking the mailman for his pic...*grin*), but I haven't even been to bed yet and it's past 2:00 in the afternoon so those pics will have to wait until another time.

The only thing that I found not to my liking which is really nothing is that her pet Chihuahua's leash won't go over his head. It's no problem to make another one though as it's just ribbon.

I bought him a dog crate anyway 'cause I saw one in a doll set at The Dollar Store that works great - and only a $1.00.

I love them both...

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