Friday, March 16, 2012

Long Hair Mishap

You know you finally have really long hair when you get it sucked into a moving fan!

I had just washed it, air dried it, and it was floating around loose. I bent over to get something off of a cabinet shelf near the floor where the fan was and - BAM - part of it got sucked into it.

Thank goodness it was a lower powered one and not a large one. I lost what I thought was a lot of hair 'cause I have fine hair as it is, but hubby said he didn't call that a lot of hair.

It certainly could have been much, much worse. My angel was looking out for me I guess. I don't know how I got the fan out of my hair 'cause I never got to it to shut it off. I just remember picking it up and pulled back on it.

I think/bet every gal with really long hair has had at least one mishap, scary or not.

I'm nearing my goal of 36" - now about 34" long.

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