Saturday, April 14, 2012

Practical Decorating

Hubby and I live in an old house that has two open doorways with no doors so needless to say there is no privacy and when company is coming you can't just close a door to a mess - you have to straighten/clean up that room too.

So, when I saw THIS idea on the web recently - covering cardboard Wilton cake circles with fabric and displaying them over a doorway, etc. I also thought of spring action curtain rods that I could use in the two doorway openings. At least it's a colorful and practical solution for now.

One doorway is off the living room and leads into my office/multipurpose room where I work on my Etsy shops and take photos for the items I make and list for sale. My constant shadow, Chico, sleeps in this room while I work and so does our most recent rescued cat, Twilight. The other doorway is off the dining room and leads to a small hallway and right to the bathroom door. Both are what I guess you could say are on the same side of the inner rooms (living room and dining room) if that makes sense so I wanted the gathered curtain panels to match.

I used basic, blue striped, full size sheets that I found at Walmart and fat quarters I also found there for most of the circles. The cat, roses and pink themed set of circles are just to the left of my mini sewing center HERE that I set-up in a small corner in our living room .

I sew there in the living room corner much more than I do in my smallish craft/sewing studio

that was used by the previous owner as the baby's room. It was once what they now call a man cave that I fixed up for hubby - a place where he could go, shut the door, sit in the recliner and watch TV shows and movies on DVDs, listen to music or play his guitar. But, when I started my Etsy shops and needed a quiet place to unwind from the stress of the day and work he told me I could have it as my room instead. What a super cool thing for him to give up for me!

Click on the above photo and check out my collection of 2 vintage doll houses, a pet shop and a pet salon (all from the same series/town) on the top shelf! - Love , love, love them all. All are complete with furniture, dolls, pets for pampering, hired help and pets for sale.

One of these days I need to take them all down, set them up and take photos!

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