Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage Child Cookbook Find

I wish I had the actual one that I grew-up using loads of times and that I flipped through constantly, but for some reason my mom would never part with it when I had my daughter 37 years ago. And, I haven't seen it since. Ebay you can find a lot of things at Etsy, and I did!

I found a copy today that is in pristine condition so I bought it - $12, $5 shipping. It was a trip down memory lane looking at the pages photographed to sell it and other copies for sale there.

I loved that cook book. I know it started my interest in cooking and then my journey of loving to cook; as did the radio show Kitchen-Klatter that my mom listened to daily and wrote down recipes from. Several years ago, I did find a little notebook of hers that contains some of those written out recipes.

The copy I bought was listed on July 6 - one day after my birthday.

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