Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrate Life

My chihuahua, Chico, had a vet visit yesterday to among other things have a needle biopsy on a lump on his lower chest that became visible to the touch a few months ago. I was really worried it would come back positive for cancer, but it turned out to just be a fatty tumor. I was so relieved! Hubby said to just hope/expect the best outcome, but I prayed for the best outcome.

On September 16th Chico will be 10 years old only I got him at 3 years of age - 3 years I wish we'd had with him too. Except for bad teeth (which the vet said is normal for most small dogs) of which he's had quite a few removed, and a heart murmur or two, he's in pretty good health.

To get him to look at me for a pic rather than say "smile" ya have to say "kitty treat?"

I have two heart murmurs myself so I'm not really worried about his although the vet is wanting me to keep a monthly check on how many respirations he has per a minute while sleeping.

And a "It fits in my budget" purchase in honor of the happy day...

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