Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Magic Of Clotheslines

I've been seriously thinking about having an outdoor clothesline again.

I really do miss hanging out laundry like I did way back when - that was what, over 30 years ago ??? when I was young and married to my now ex. I used to help my mom hang out and collect laundry when I was a kid so I already had all the knowledge (there really is a right and a wrong way to do it).

So, a few years after we got married and moved into our second home, I decided to try it to save us some money, and it did. Somewhere along the line though I stopped - maybe it was after our move to the new house we built where I had for the first time, a nice, big laundry room right off the kitchen.

Well, for awhile now, I've been living a new life without that laundry room and I've had to develop a new way of doing things and recently clothesline dreams have set in. And, for a lot of reasons it's the right thing to do...

For the way hubby and I live now, this clothesline would make the most sense since I can move it around to obey the city ordinance and avoid noisy neighbors or neighbors against the idea of hung out laundry.

In thinking about it all, I decided to make a clothespin holder out of a cool tapestry place mat that I had.

I stitched it by hand and by machine.

Then, I got this idea of using one of hubby's shirts to make a hanging hamper which he thinks is kinda weird. But, I like how it came out and how it works. I'm using it for my things. I also stitched closed the short sleeves so I could stuff small items in them that get lost in all the other laundry.

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