Friday, November 30, 2012

Long Hair Update and TEXT Tutorial For My Wall Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

I updated my hair journey section today. You can find it in the right column.

Now, I'll do a quick tutorial for my WALL picture frame jewelry holder like I promised.

You can use any picture frame you like that's made to hang on the wall or set on a table. I think the more dramatic and/or decorative frame you pick, the better. You just want to be sure you know how you'll hang yours if it's only made for a table. Add your hardware now to do so. You could carefully screw in a couple of eye screws; one to each side of the back of your frame close to the top and hang yours with pretty ribbon. Mine was either for a table or a wall so I only had to cut off the cardboard stand. Discard the glass or save it for another project.

You will need a sheet of plastic canvas used for quick needlepoint; a piece big enough to cut to the size of your frame opening. Plastic canvas comes in colors if you prefer, but I like the white or creme. Cut it to size as if you were going to frame it which is really what you're going to do.

But, before you place it in the frame permanently, decorate it with lace (or ribbon). I couldn't find out how others attached their lace (it must be a secret) so I painfully stitched mine on by hand which wasn't easy and was time consuming. I used matching thread and a running or basting stitch which you can hardly see. Hot glueing it on just didn't seem like it would produce a neat look. If you want to attach ribbon though you could probably hot glue that on. However you attach it, make sure it's straight to the eye.

Now, all you do is hot glue the plastic canvas piece into the back of your frame being careful to not go overboard with the glue so none shows through to the front.

Now your wall picture frame jewelry holder is finished and ready to hang. I used a few, pretty Christmas ornament holders on mine to hold necklaces and pins. Now, is the perfect time to shop around for those.

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