Friday, January 25, 2013

Sharing A Great Website For Shopping

This week I found the greatest online find - A place to shop that had ALL of the 5 items I'd been searching for lately. To find all 5 of them to purchase from the same website is rare.

The Manhattan Wardrobe Supply store in New York.

I was originally looking for Soft'n Style Hair Pins in bronze at a good price and I also found a nylon hair cutting/styling cape, deluxe powder puff, black scarf, and the exact same Carousel Clothes Dryer from household essentials that I have that broke. All were at excellent prices compared to what I saw selling at other websites once you paid shipping charges to them all to get my 5 items.

Even though they sent me bobby pins instead of hair pins - customer service was excellent. I called, they checked and said they'd get them sent right out to me today. Not to mention, I got my order delivered by UPS in only 3 days after ordering.

I'll be back...

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