Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Our Fat Cat Twilight

Twilight (yes, I renamed him after the Twilight books/movies) needs to go on The Fat Cat Diet.

He does have a medical condition and the medication he takes regularly makes him gain and retain weight though. We got him from the Animal Rescue League 3 years ago this last November. Medically, he was a mess. They didn't seem to know that for some reason even though they had a vet check him out before we picked him up.

A visit to our vet on the other hand said there was a good chance that he might not live even after testing and treatment. She wanted to know if we had gotten attached to him in the few days we'd had him and still wanted to treat him (both of us said Yes-We had to give him a chance) or have him put to sleep. He ended up costing us about $500 give or take a $100 after that visit getting him on the road to wellness.

But, he's turning out to be a wonderful, loving cat even though it's taken almost 3 years for him to get there. He's a Siamese mix, either a Lynx or Tabby Seal Point, and has beautiful, blue eyes.

Over 6 months ago, after some research, I took him off the prescription cat food the vet had him on and started him on HALO and he started to interact with us and actually play. I love that brand. We also have our other cat on it and also Chico. Unfortunately, Twilight is still on the drug Prednisone every other day.

Here he is on Christmas Day relaxing on his new catnip toy after playing with it.

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