Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cherry Pie In A Jar

Warm Cherry Pie on an Autumn Day

Yesterday I tried making cherry pies in mason jars and they came out great!

This makes 3 good size servings or 6 smaller servings if you eat half warm in the jar and the other half later at room temp.

What you'll need:

375 degree oven.
3 Ball Mason Jars - 3" mouths and standing 3-1/2" tall.
1 can of cherry pie filling.
1 box (2 total) already prepared/rolled pie dough.

I used the smallest mason jars which I found in the canning section of Walmart.  They came 4 to a box, but I only needed 3 of them.  Only use WIDE, short jars that can stand the heat of an oven. You'll understand why only wide mouth, short jars when you try putting the dough inside. ;o)

I started first by spraying the inside of the jars with canola oil.  I then cut 3 squares of dough to start lining the inside of the jars.  After placing the first piece in and pushing it firmly against the bottom and sides (which is kind of a challenge, but it can be done) I proceeded to just cut different sizes of dough as needed and pressed them inside against the glass while mashing together seams well until I almost came to the top of each jar.  Fill each jar with pie filling to just below the dough line.

Then, using the canning jar inside lid as a guide, placed right on top of the dough, I cut out 3 circles with a knife.  Each topped a pie.  These were easier to place inside if done carefully.  Then, I folded over the excess dough above each circle of dough and mashed it down into the top edge of the pies.  Vent the tops using a knife or use a small cookie cutter for a shape (like a small heart).  If using a cookie cutter, cut in the shape BEFORE placing the circle of dough inside the jar.

Place the jars on a small pizza pan or cookie sheet that was preheated inside of a 375 degree oven (I used a counter top oven - not a toaster oven) for 45 min. or so until crust inside and out is browned.  What's great about baking in clear glass is that you can actually see if something is browned.  Enjoy some warm pie after cooling for 30-40 min.  Hubby and I ate ours right out of the jar.

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