Monday, January 18, 2016

On The Mend With Adult Coloring Pages

Life was a bit difficult after surgery.

The  surgery with a few complications (I see a bone health specialist this week) went well for the most part after dislocating and fracturing my shoulder November 20 in a fall outdoors.

But, I didn't do all that well with the shoulder block they gave me before going into surgery.  I had a bit of trouble with my breathing coming out of surgery because of it that wasn't comfortable.  And, of course immediately after surgery for anything and then for maybe a day after life just isn't too great.   I ended up with 2 screws in my shoulder: a small one and a much larger one underneath it for good measure.

But, I've been going to my 3 x a week physical therapy sessions that just this week dropped to 2 x a week and doing home exercises since December and my range of motion is returning.  It's a painful process, but I'm doing it and getting there.  My two PTs are working wonders. I'm proud to say that other than putting my hair into a ponytail (hubby had to learn how to do a ponytail) to be completed in a messy bun by myself and hooking and unhooking my seat belt (I couldn't drive either), I've pretty much done everything else for myself (all of the personal stuff), unlike others I understand.  Counting the time after the accident, waiting for surgery and time after the surgery I was in a sling for 7 whole weeks.  I could write an article on how to get through your daily life after shoulder surgery - hints and tricks: the best clothes to wear, how to shower, how to wash your hair, how to dress yourself,  how to get your shoulder sling off and on yourself, etc.  Why the surgeon's office or the physical therapist doesn't share any tips is beyond me.  I know an article would help someone going through the surgery I had so maybe I will eventually do that here in my blog.

Anyway, after spending some money on a few adult coloring books and some coloring pencils, I found a great site that has FREE pages to print out and color with a lot of different themes.  I've printed out a few and they do print out well.  I could have put the money I spent on coloring books into some better coloring pencils!  But, the books were fun to shop for...

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