Friday, September 16, 2016

Now 14 years old...A Big Day To Celebrate

Today is Chico's 14th birthday! Born Peedro Canello Pepe on September 16, 2002.

Two years ago our vet said his days were numbered because of his enlarged heart and other less serious medical conditions and yet here he is 2 years later - still with me!!!

He's been on a couple of meds 3 times a day for 2 years, yet he's doing very well and is still enjoying life, regular rides in the truck and an occasional short walk.  He is indeed a little miracle!

We took Chico to the vet last week for his Fall check-up and his vet is very pleased/amazed and glad that he was wrong in what he told us 2 years ago. He pats us/me on the back and I pat him on the back for this continued wonderful outcome. If we hadn't changed vets I'm convinced he still wouldn't be with me.  We have a great vet now who immediately knew what was wrong with him, did some testing and got him on meds.   He was even put under twice in that 2 year period for teeth cleaning and pulling and did well.

Here is a pic I took of him this week and the cookies I made for his birthday today.  He's still a real cutie...

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