Friday, April 21, 2017

My Beloved Chico Is Gone - And Probably My Last Blog Post (???)

Edited once again on 8/4/2017 - Had my dates all wrong. *sigh* It was hard to write that day.

It is such a sad, sad, painful day for me...

What do you do when the little guy that has kept you company 24/7 for 12 years (and ended up pretty much being your therapy dog) - is no longer with you?  He took on that job so willingly too. In these later years I was his therapy person.  It was only fair...

My Chico passed away early this morning in his freshly washed bed with the first blanket I bought him 12 years ago after he came home with us at the age of 3 to be my little companion.

HE made the choice (and made it known to the breeder/owner) that he was coming home with me that day when hubby and I answered the ad his owner had put in the paper.  He was 3 years old - a stud dog she wanted to retire or as I looked at it - get rid of and make a little money at the same time.

The night before he died, he got to enjoy one of his most favorite foods - take-out pizza! (well, only tiny, tiny bits of the crust bottom), He always got so excited seeing that box come in the door.  And, he so loved Easter this year; very much enjoying tiny bits of the ham I prepared.

He and I had our last cuddle and pet session on my lap that same night. We think he had a heart attack while he was sleeping.  I left him sleeping as you see him below in the pic.... I was out of the room at the time it happened - maybe Chico planned it that way. He had been living for several years with an enlarged heart; among other things, and I had been faithfully giving him 2 different medications 3 times a day for 2-1/2 years - almost getting back the three years he wasn't with me after his birth.

I had been uploading a Walmart grocery receipt to a couple of apps on my phone only a couple or so hours earlier and just decided to snap a pic of him - always knowing he wouldn't be around for much longer....I just didn't know that today, only a few hours later, would be THE day he would be gone...

He was a happy boy right up until the end despite his medical problems.  I did so much editing of this blog post 'cause I wanted to get it just right.  He was the bestest dog ever...I will miss him SOOOOO terribly much!

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