Sunday, July 06, 2008

Afghan Block #5

This is my afghan block #5 (Little Lacy Flowers) designed by Stephanie McElheran from the on-line Yahoo Loom Knitting Class I'm taking. I made this on the Knifty Knitter red round loom.

I made a few small mistakes, but I don't think it's bad for only loom knitting for about 6 months. :o) I'm proud of the fact that:

1. I actually read a pattern AND worked it out to understand it all.
2. That it is the required 12" x 12".
3. I didn't mess-up the flower design at all. :o)

Now, I have 4 others to complete since I joined the class on block #4 and then today starts block #6 (Cabled Column Calamity). Whew...I've gotta either step it up or find more hours in the day...

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