Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fairies & Water Gardens

Here's our water garden that I've been working on for 2 days now. Click on the pics for more detail.

Every year I try to set it up so visiting birds can drink out of it. And always there's the protective angel present.

Yesterday hubby scooped the rain water out of it so I could get it filled and set-up. It still needs a lot of clean-up work in the area around it, and I'd like to find some flat rocks to edge it so you can't see the black rim, but where in the world do you find them? That one flat rock that the potted plant sits on cost me $5 at Menards. That is just a ridiculous price. No way am I going to pay that kind of money to edge this mini pool. I told hubby I still can't believe that I spent $5 on a He said, "Yeah, but it looks good there."

The mosaic fairy sign I made several years ago that says "Fairies Welcome", and I bought the little, painted, rock, fairy house from a gal at Etsy. I also found some little lanterns in the basement I bought awhile back that light the pool at night.

I have a Water Lily planted at the bottom of the pool (which I hope soon makes it way to the surface), and I also went to our local, nearby nursery and bought the floating Water Hyacinth plant. The outside clerk there said it would grow and spread wildly - maybe more than I'll want it to. I read on-line that one-day-long purple flowers may appear in summer - fingers crossed. While searching on-line I also saw where you can buy Fairy Moss. I'd like to have some of that too since I have a fairy house.

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