Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Great Find

Hubby and I had some electronic items to drop off at Salvation Army Sat. and look what I saw for sale in the window of the store! I immediately had to have it if the price was right.

It's a huge, very elegantly, framed print and cost me only $20. It measures 34" wide x 29" high. Originally, I think it cost somewhere around $100 new. At least that's my best guess in researching the company printed on the back of the picture which is The Bombay Co, Inc. which was established in 1950. Hubby paid for it and loaded it into the truck while I checked to see it I could find anything else - but didn't.

I have a few places to repair/repaint on the frame itself which has been nicked in a few spots. The frame is not wood so any significant bump will knock off a bit of the frame design. But, all in all, I think it was a great find.

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Lynn said...

I love your picture!! It is beautiful! What a great find. I love to find beautiful things like this.