Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decorating For Valentine's Day

A lost, then found, little fiber optic Christmas tree found in the basement has now become my holiday tree that I will decorate for different holidays as the year moves forward. At night it is is so pretty and cheerful...

This year I would have loved to make decorations, but in an effort to save time to do/make other things I spent only 97 cents at Walmart for some super glittered confettii; found some tape and some ribbon and made some quick ones.

Also, I've always wanted to make a garland for the fireplace so I did this year for Valentine's Day using simply ribbon, tiny, tiny clothespins and store bought Valentines. So simple, yet effective...

Maybe I'll make something out of fabric to hang there after Valentine's Day is over. Plus, I have some really cute Easter fabric I could use to make a "flag" garland to hang there.

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