Thursday, January 26, 2012

Backtracking To Christmas

I started working on this vintage Christmas wreath when I separated out the decorations for it while trimming our Christmas tree last month.

But, I never got back to actually making it until after Christmas as I had to find a wreath first. I completed it tonight. It really looks better in person. Then, you can really see the bright colors, the depth of the wreath and the glitter.

It has decorations that my daughter and I made when she was little, some I bought way back then, a couple (pink gingerbread boy and girl) from Avon back when I was selling it and a few I bought in recent years. The big elf doll I bought on clearance this year at Hobby Lobby and added buttons to his jacket and bells on his toes. And, the one elf dressed all in blue is a really old vintage decoration.

I hope my daughter likes it as I made it with her and my grandsons in mind. She will be getting it eventually.

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