Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's visit the pillowcase tote again.

Are you tired of me making and blogging about These yet?

Please indulge me one more time (and maybe yet another time soon)...I found this beautiful, vintage pillowcase in a shop at Etsy and knew I wanted to buy it for a pillowcase tote. When I received it in the mail it is was kinda thin from a lot of use and washing I guess, but I decided to make a tote out of it anyway. I'd been tempted to buy it in the first place because of how it was constructed knowing the edge print would make cool, accent handles. I found the pin-on flower accent for only a dollar at a JoAnn new store opening.

I should write a book or at least a small article on how to fix or what to do with things that you screw-up or things you think you've ruined 'cause I think I've become an expert at it. For me, maybe that's what "my creative talent" is mostly rather than dreaming up things to make. The arrow points to what I finally came up with after I accidentally cut my almost finished tote bag with my SUPER sharp sewing scissors. :o( I tried to make it look kinda like a logo or something.

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