Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Dress Finally For Simply Mango Blythe

Last Year for my birthday, I got my Neo Blythe - Simply Mango.

I had plans to open kittyred's Blytique at Etsy. I got so far as reserving the shop name, made a banner, icon and did all the nec. text for it and still haven't opened it. See, making doll clothes was a bit challenging for me as it had been YEARS since I'd done that. Working with such small pieces sewing them kinda intimidated me. So, no new dresses for my own and none to sell.

Finally, Friday night I got a dress finished and here it is... YAY! I had to do some alterations as her pattern was for a Barbie, but thanks to THIS tutorial I at least knew how to proceed so I wanted to give her a shout-out.

I found this fabric remnant in my Mom's things. She made a dress for me using it way, way back when I was a girl. I recognized the fabric right away, but can't remember what the dress looked like. Even though it was a challenge to sew with it 'cause it ravels a lot, and I don't have a serger machine, I finally got the dress done.

I now see hope that my shop will get opened eventually down the road. So far, all I have sewn for it is a few hats for the small Blythe doll, a kitty tote bag for the larger one, plus some free gifts for buyers, but now maybe I can open it with also some new dresses to sell.

I found that cute, little bike at Hobby Lobby and the pet crate for her chihuahua at Dollar Tree.

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