Monday, December 08, 2008

Love This Cotton Yarn's Color

Folded and ready for the guest bathroom...
Cotton Yarn used: Peaches & Creme in Peppermint #191

The bookmark was knit on a FG 6.5" knitting loom with a crocheted border. It started out to be half of a dishcloth that I was going to piece two together to make one , but because my hands were hurting working the knit stitch on the fine gauge loom I turned what was going to be a dishcloth into a bookmark instead.

I finally did knit a washcloth/dishcloth using the Knifty Knitter round, blue loom (smallest) instead.

We're knitting a flat panel, Wrap 3 times - Knit 1 loop over 2 until about 9", Crochet BO, Crochet edging on two sides (the CO and the BO sides).

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